6th April from 8:00am to 5:00pm: prayer and fasting at Blessed Generation ministries at Rodi centre.

From 7th April to 5th August: intensive worship nights, open airs,crusades and one to one outreach.

5th August to 15th August : video shoot programs and live recording.

16th August to 30th December: intensive worship nights, one to one outreaches, door to door,seminars, conventions,filanthropy and any other business,,

N/B this is the time frame within which we are planning to commence a chicken project to be our source of financial base and drive for the entire organization.


We do have a number of programs that we run as an organization daily and periodically,we have Bible studies that we normally conduct online through whatsApp and additionally,,Bible expositions.

We also do share in form of ministering,anyone within the group is open to do so. We pray for group members whom by chance are unfortunate,,we generally do kind of a complete church service online. We are grateful to God that through such programs,by grace we have been in a position to lead two sisters to Christ online,,we still have a complete faith in God that we gonna have a drafted carlenda of our daily programs to our members.


I started the group on 29th of January 2019 at around 7:30pm together with sister Purity Mwai,when I. started the group it was called YERM,which meant young Evangelism Revival Ministry, but changed the title to GERM a week later which was due to the fact that I wanted to eliminate the conflict of age limit, secondly, the first person who gave me a back up into forming the YERM group had left the whatsApp group,, sister Imelda Awino.